Urban Botanic – The edible city

Documentary, Video Feature, Workshop

Urban Botanic – The edible city

Urban Botanic – The edible city

Urban Botanic

2019 – 2021

Kulturagenten für kreative Schulen Berlin, Hector-Peterson-Schule

Teaching photography, video filming & editing,
Photoshop, Premiere Pro

The edible city

What is Urban Botany? From 2018 to 2021, we, along with the youth and cultural partners, explored this question using artistic strategies. Through over 30 sub-projects at more than 18 schools, a multitude of themes and artistic perspectives emerged. I had the opportunity to accompany some of them, such as The Edible City.

“Today, one has to go to the supermarket to buy an apple, when it could just as easily grow right outside the door.” “Edible City” is the name of a series of projects that utilize urban spaces for food cultivation. These areas are accessible to everyone, and harvesting is free. In Berlin, the following districts have declared themselves as “Edible Districts”: Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Neukölln, Pankow, and Zehlendorf.

Students from Hector Peterson School in Berlin Kreuzberg are out with their cameras in their district, searching for freely growing food in the urban environment.

A film by Hector Peterson School as part of the project “Urban Botany 2 – The Edible City.”

Camera, Editing, Concept & Direction: Students of HPS
Project Management: Regina Teichs

The project was funded by the Cultural Education Project Fund and conducted in collaboration with the “Culture Agents for Creative Schools Berlin” program.



Since 2012, I have been working with teenagers as an artist within the Berlin state program “Cultural Agents for Creative Schools.” We ask ourselves: How can we reimagine education, and we believe that art and culture open up new perspectives – on the world and on ourselves. We aspire to spark curiosity in as many students as possible and promote their active participation in artistic processes. Within this framework, I accompany students from various Berlin schools as a photographer and filmmaker in classes and workshops.

Cyanotypie_GrüneTafel_01 e1565296160564
Cyanotypie_GrüneTafel_02 e1565296181888
Cyanography created as part of the Urban Botany project.

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