Nachbartöne – Treffpunkt Musik


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Neuer Musikverein Berlin

NACHBARTÖNE – Treffpunkt Musik

The project Nachbartöne was started in 2016 by Michal Friedländer and Dominique Caillat in a refugee home in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.
Nachbartöne aims to build connections between communities through making music together and teaching music.

The core of the project is to support and welcome these often highly traumatised children and families and offer them a pathway to integration and friendship through music.

The “Treffpunkt Musik” initiative builds on the experiences of recent years. Our aim is to develop a wide-ranging, mainly online programme for school children and children with a refugee background in Germany, aimed at promoting knowledge and acceptance of each other’s culture through music and its performance.


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